Partnerships are important. Working with educational professionals and organizations, Linda has co-produced several products.

Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA) & Student Support Plan (SSP) Project

Linda Aldridge, Rich Harrison, and Rick Gaskill, in collaboration with the Kansas State Department of Education (KSDE) and the Technical Assistance Support Network (TASN), led a two-day workshop with four school districts to bring mental health services and schools into partnership. The districts learned how to use functional behavior assessment (FBA) and student support plan (SSP) tools that were researched and designed by Linda, Rich, and Rick. Access these FBA & SSP tools at

Emergency Safety Interventions Professional Development Series

This professional development series, created in collaboration with Infinitec and the Kansas Department of Education (KSDE), is a 12-part video series that focuses on effective practices designed to reduce the need for seclusion and restraint. Links to each video are in the Emergency Safety Interventions Professional Development Series flyer. To access the videos, click the session title in the flyer.

Published Paper

Exploring and utilizing the concept of setting
conditions in the functional assessment process.

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Supporting Behavior Change: Plans that Work Series A: Investment in Growth  FBA Overview - Purpose: To determine why the student behaves as they do - Setting Conditions: Consider what has (or is) happening to the student - Supports: Must match hypothesized function of behavior - Functional Behavioral Assessment: Not just for special education - Data: Ongoing, authentic, essential   Created in partnership with Infinitec.

In partnership with Infinitec, Linda produced the six-part video series "Supporting Behavioral Change: Plans That Work." Released in 2019, the series is available on the online classroom.

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