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A Kansas educator since 1983, Linda has administrative and teaching experience in general and special education.

Experienced Educator

For 36 years, Linda has held positions in Garden City, McLouth, DeSoto, Jefferson County North, Leavenworth, Blue Valley, Topeka, and Perry-Lecompton as well as Keystone Learning Services, and the Kansas State Department of Education.

Publications & Presentations

Work History


Licenses & Certificates


Linda's leadership and recommendations were precisely what was needed in this building at this time. Her pragmatic approach, coupled with her overt desire to understand, was the perfect blend to bring about change.

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Ann L. Matthews, Ed.D.

Executive Director, Teaching and Learning, Auburn Washburn USD 437

Jaime Callaghan, Ed.S.

Director, Student Services, Auburn Washburn USD 437

I’ve had the privilege of working with Dr. Aldridge in several different capacities: As a School Social Worker during her time as a Special Education Director, as a co-author on a publication, and as the coordinator for a state-level school mental health initiative. Throughout each of these experiences, Dr. Aldridge has proven to be a change agent with impeccable leadership, coaching, and collaboration skills. Her level of integrity combined with her strong advocacy for children and families has inspired me, personally, and will no doubt be of value to those seeking out her expertise in their current work/efforts.
Cherie Blanchat, LSCSW       


If you need assistance with student behavior or discipline, Dr. Linda Aldridge is the professional for you.  Dr. A’s unique knowledge allows her to assist teams at the individual student, school, and district levels.  Her multifaceted experience as a classroom teacher, administrator, state department staff, and researcher provide the perfect background for an educational and behavioral consultant for any school, district, or organization.

Jennifer Barnhardt, Ph.D.


Dr. Aldridge has a great balance of intelligence and personal relationship skills.  She understands the current educational supports but also knows how to relate to teachers, administrators, and other school staff.  She is someone who will help your staff improve their skills and help students.

Rich Harrison


Linda has great presence in front of groups of people.  She is one of the best presenters within our school district.  Her communication skills are excellent. She is often asked to present to teachers and administrators within and outside of our district.

Steve Burkholder

Asst. Superintendent for Teaching and Learning (Ret.), Topeka Public Schools


In addition to all of the usual responsibilities, Linda co-chaired our Topeka Tiered System of Supports process.  She led the process for behavioral interventions, which is one of her areas of expertise.

Steve Burkholder

Asst. Superintendent for Teaching and Learning (Ret.), Topeka Public Schools

Linda Aldridge is a knowledgeable, thoughtful, and committed educator. Whether it is facilitating high standards for employee performance, advocating for student achievement, developing curriculum, or enhancing the mentoring process, Linda’s expertise in teaching and learning has helped set the foundation for significant growth in our new professional staff.

Assistant Director of Special Education

Interlocal serving small, rural districts

Linda was a valuable resource when we worked together in an elementary school. She developed a manageable instrument for me to use to effectively collect behavioral data.  Linda taught me how to interpret data, to identify triggers, and to make adjustments to eliminate behavioral interruptions to learning. Skills developed while working with Linda have been applied in subsequent settings.  I feel more confident in my ability to manage the most challenging classroom environments.

First Grade Teacher


Throughout this school year, we have had the absolute pleasure of working with Linda Aldridge of laLearn. Due to our high numbers of emergency safety intervention procedures, we sought outside assistance from Ms. Aldridge to reduce the incidence of those events in our school.  In collaboration with key stakeholders, Ms. Aldridge conducted interviews and observations to gain a thorough understanding of our school’s operations.  She then developed a comprehensive report containing key recommendations to address the concerns and provide the necessary direction to achieve the desired outcomes.  Her partnership with our school combined with her professionalism and passion for helping schools has transformed our practice and provided a firm foundation upon which we can build.  I am certain that the most favorable outcome of Ms. Aldridge’s work will be the powerful impact it has on our students.

Elementary School Principal, Suburban Setting


Linda has provided an excellent level of expertise that assisted me in guiding a student’s behavior plan and guiding a teacher’s professional development.  As a private school principal, I don’t have a great deal of access to support systems regarding behavioral challenges.  Linda’s work with my school has been essential.  Her expertise has also been provided to my school at a financial level that did not break my budget.

Principal, Private Parochial School




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