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Making life better for students and educators.

Focus on children with the most significant needs, the educators who serve them, and the family members who love them. 

What does laLearn do?

Consultation | Professional Development | Case Studies

Linda is a change agent.  She responds to the needs of your students and staff.  Often, the immediate concern centers around a particular child with unique needs.  Listening to teachers, parents, the student, and other committed staff, Linda guides the team to develop and implement a set of supports and data management systems designed to ensure long-term success. 


Along the way, it may be determined that student support team members need advanced skills in behavioral supports, relationship development, or data management.  Linda is there to provide those supports.

After working with one child, it may become clear that enhancements of school-wide support systems can bring about improvement in student learning (both academic and social/emotional) across many settings and many children.


Depending upon many factors (size, location, economic well-being, community resources, to name just a few) District leaders might see a need for change across levels and schools.  Linda loves engagement in comprehensive professional development plans at the school and district levels.

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